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BMC-19 - Product Image
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From Kurzzeit of Diebach, Germany comes the new BMC-19 precision chronograph. The BMC-19 is wireless and will connect to your computer up to 100 feet distance. The BMC-19 is accurate to 1% of actual velocity. The BMC-19 can measure from 280 ft./sec. to 6500 ft./sec. TheBMC-19 lightscreen sensitivity can be adjusted to accurately measure the velocity of all bullets, regardless of bullet diameter. The clock speed of the BMC-19 is 64 MHz. This is faster than any other available clock. TheBMC-19 is controlled by the IRC2 infra-red remoter controller. Selecting functions is as easy as changing the channel on your TV! The BMC-19 measures accurately regardless of ambient light conditions. TheBMC-19 lightscreens have a self contained light source that is not effected by external light sources. Works well indoors and out! The BMC-19 Display and Storage unit can display and store data for 600 shots. The LED display panel is easy to read. Various outputs can be displayed such as velocity, energy, IPSC factor, etc. The PVM-08 is powered by a 12 volt power supply. The MC-19 can be connected to your PC to store and display an almost infinite number shots wirelessly. The BMC-19 software allows the user to customize data bases and display the various outputs on the monitor. Print out spreadsheets of your data utilizing your printer, not some illegible tape. Create your own customized reports The BMC-19 package includes: BMC-19 Display and Storage unit, IRC2 infra-red remote controller, Lightscreens, 12 volt power supply, extensive software with user manual, cables and an adapter to mount screens on a tripod.
Price:   $1,195.00 


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