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NECO P-WADS - Product Image
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NECO P-WADS are an excellent gas seal when seated directly beneath the flat base of cast lead or alloy bullets. They minimize "gas cutting" of such bullets. Tests have clearly shown that accuracy is increased and metal fouling decreased. They work well in pistols and rifles. They are effective with black powder and smokeless powder. P-WADS are color-coded so that the red side is showing and the black side is facing the powder. This results in consistency since there is a slight taper to the edge of the P-WAD. The thickness of the P-WAD is .060. P-WADS are made of pliable poly vinyl chloride. If P-WADS are to be used in rifle cases, we suggest that they be inserted with the NECO P-WAD INSERTION TOOL. This precision tool places the P-WAD to a precise controlled depth in the case mouth. It can be used with pistol caes if large quantities are being loaded but the belled mouth of the sistol cases allow easy hand insertion of the P-WADS.
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