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QuickLOAD UPGRADE from floppy disk to CD-ROM version 3.9.

NO EUROPEAN ORDERS, PLEASE. SEE LIST BELOW for dealers. QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET "UPGRADE" is ONLY for those who already own QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET FLOPY DISK versions 2.3-2.9. Upgrade to the CD-ROM version 3.9. This CD is compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and VISTA. Same great program but with enhanced up-to-date performance. Contains a reference library of cartridge drawings and photos for most of the cartridges in QuickLOAD. A click of a button brings up a dimensioned drawing of the cartridge and, in some cartridges, a photo is displayed also. More powders (250+), cartridges (1200+) and bullets (2500+). Ing. Hartmut Broemel, Neubrecker Weg 15, D-64832 Babenhausen, Germany, fax/phone (+49) 0 6073 688481 Reimer Johannsen GmbH, Haart 49, D-24535 Neumuenste,r Phone +49 4321 2758, Fax +49 4321 29325, Quickload Order Nr. LEW 999, or Frankonia Jagd, 97064 Wurzburg, TEl. 0180 5372699, www.frankonia.de, QuickLOAD Artikel Nr: 127131, or in Great Britain by: JMS Arms, Merrivale, London Road, Handcross, West Sussex, RH17 6BA, England, Phone: 01444 400126, in Finland by: FinnAccuracy, Nummentie 31, FIN-08100 Lohja, Phone +358 400325765, www.finnaccuracy.com, in Czech Republic by: LN Original, P.O. Box 17, 11901 Praha 012-Hrad, Phone +420 603 434 872, www.lnoriginal.com
Price:   $52.00 


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