Lightscreen: Highly accurate, digital controlled infrared lightscreen suitable for all Light conditions.

The lightscreen can be adjusted from .17 caliber to .50 caliber

Sensor area: about 4.5 in. x 8 in. (110 x 200mm).

Measuring base: 14 in. (345mm)

Wireless interface wih your computer. No drivers installation required!

An extensive software package is included with the BMC-19. The software allows the user to create databases. In the database all measured values and user-defined data like ammunition or weapon data can be stored. The Database can be configured by the user and contains 4 database tables with 10 entries, one picture (bitmap) and a comment per table. The database provides filters to search entries in the database. The number of database entries is unlimited.

Package includes everything you need to build databases for all your loads and firearms.

BMC-19 Chronograph

BMC-19 Light Screen

IR2C Controller

Power supply 120V-240V AC down to 12V DC



Users Guide (on memory stick)

Price $1195

Other models and a variety of speed measurement instruments available.

Call with your needs. 800-451-3550

Output can be displayed on your PC, laptop as well as the LCD readout on the BMC-19
Typical PC display - ft/sec








A fantastic value. The BMC-19 is part of the newest generation of ballistic measurement systems using “state of the art” technology. It combines reliability and an extreme degree of accuracy. It is a very user friendly system. The BMC-19 is the result of 35 years experience in engineering and development of ballistic and hyper-speed measurement systems.

Technical Data for the BMC-19:


Accuracy: < 1% from the shown value.

Measuring range: 280ft/sec to 6500 ft/sec (85 - 2000 m/s)

Measuring frequency: 16.0 MHz (faster than any other!)

Caliber range: .17 - .50

250 shot memory can be divided into 99 series

LCD text display

Direct reading of ft/sec, m/s, ft.lbs and the IPSC factor

Power supply: 12 Volt from the powersupply unit (included).

Power consumption: only 2.1 Watt total

Interfaces with QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET software