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In factory and military rifles and pistols, Pressure (Fire) Lapping™:

1) Will significantly decrease fouling;
2) Will enhance accuracy;
3) Will make a firearm's cleaning significantly easier;
4) Will assist in obtaining a uniform bore diameter;
5) Will reduce friction;
6) Will not detrimentally erode a firearm's rifling and rifling contour (it improves rifling);
7) Will improve corrosion resistance

8) Will work in factory/military rifles, pistols, centerfire, Rimfire and muzzleloaders; and
9) Will take some time to correctly complete the process.

It has long been known that rifled barrel bores can be improved by lapping. Removing microscopic roughness and dimensional inconsistencies from its bore makes a barrel more accurate, less likely to foul, easier to clean, and able to maintain top accuracy for more shots between cleanings. But bore lapping has mainly been limited to match-grade custom barrels. Traditional hand lapping is a labor-intensive, time-consuming process that is ill-suited to mass production of military and sporting barrels, with its emphasis on keeping manufacturing costs at the lowest possible level.

"Fire lapping" -- the polishing of bores by shooting bullets with abrasives -- has been intermittently used for at least a century to improve ordinary production barrels, but the procedure never found general favor due to the many uncertainties involved. To put it simply, few shooters have been willing to risk ruining their barrels by blasting grit through them, regardless of potential benefits. Now, through rigorous development and scientific testing, NECO has become a world leader in the technology of fire lapping. NECO has refined the process of lapping production rifle and pistol barrel bores to a sequence of simple steps with virtually no risk of barrel damage. Bores can now be safely fire lapped by following simple instructions which enable the handloader to improve the internal characteristics of production rifle and handgun barrels.

Some NECO Pressure (Fire) Lapping™ kits include all necessary materials. Other kits are available with only the minimum of materials (recommended) since many shooters already possess the appropriate cleaning materials, etc. These kits make it easy to obtain smoothly polished, consistent-diameter bores with reduced fouling, minimized cleaning, and generally improved accuracy. The NECO process has been proved in accuracy competition and has frequently resulted in barrel performance that compares favorably with that of custom match barrels.

There have been numerous third-party civilian and military tests of our process, with reported results similar to our own. At least one International Palma team which now regularly laps its barrels with our kits has reported a tenfold increase in the number of shots which can be fired accurately between cleanings, from 20 to 200. Attainable accuracy improvement is dependent upon the overall condition of the firearm, but spectacular improvements are frequently obtained in rifles, including military weapons such as the M1 Garand, and the process is very rewarding in revolvers. There have been varying results, but none negative, with autoloading pistols.

Several years ago, NECO conducted a scientific study and analysis of twenty-seven .22-caliber rifles belonging to the University of San Francisco Shooting Team. The overall result, as was subsequently reported in a technical paper presented to the National Defense Preparedness Association, was a 15% average decrease in group size. In view of the fact that these were considered to be match-grade barrels prior to lapping, this is a substantial improvement.

NECO Pressure (Fire) Lapping ™ laps a barrel under continuous pressure. The bullets maintain full bore contact, which gives optimum results. With the NECO process, tool marks that remain in the bore after mass-production boring and rifling are either eliminated or significantly reduced in magnitude--meaning that cuts into the bore surface may remain after projections from the surface are removed. Metal removal from the bore's groove diameter is less than 0.0001 (1/10,000th) inch. The NECO process also smoothes up the pressure edges of the rifling lands.

Because we recognize the psychological difficulty of fire lapping a firearm for the first time and the idea of shooting grit-covered bullets through what appears to be a perfectly good barrel is not easy to accept for anyone trained to treat bores with tender loving care (Which usually manifests itself in the form of "You want me to do what? Are you CRAZY?!"), the Instruction Manual is exceptionally thorough and covers virtually all concerns.

Safe use of Pressure (Fire) Lapping™ has been documented on hundreds of firearms, and the process does work very well. Typical responses from our customers after trying the process is that it was much easier than they expected and produced a variety of benefits; this is frequently accompanied by an order for additional components so they can lap more barrels.

One of the reasons for the excellent results obtained with our kits is NECO's exclusive use of laboratory-grade abrasives. This means that the particles are held to very exacting tolerances for size and uniformity. Ordinary commercial-grade abrasives, such as valve-lapping compound, normally show a much wider range of particle size within a nominal grit rating, and may contain particles large enough to damage a rifled bore. (NECO will not be responsible for the results of using abrasives not supplied by us, even if such abrasives are used in conjunction with our tools and Instruction Manual.)

Instruction Manuals, as well as all other individual components of the NECO Pressure (Fire) Lapping™ Kits, are available separately.

NECO rifle and pistol Pressure (Fire) Lapping™ kits are available as:

1) The Economy Abrasives Kit, as shown below, is the least expensive, most versatile and the most highly cost effective method of fire lapping. This is the kit that is most strongly recommended for the handloader for cost effectiveness and versatility.

This kit contains a Four (4) Grit Laboratory grade Abrasives Set (220, 400, 800 & 1200 Grit), a comprehensive Instruction Manual, Steel Lapping Plates, 25 hand cast pure lead Slugging Bullets (.22 to .45 caliber) for one caliber. If additional calibers are contemplated for fire lapping, it is suggested that you only obtain slugging bullets for those calibers to be lapped.

Enough abrasives are supplied to fire lap 10-12 firearms when used properly. For additional calibers, it is recommended that additional slugging bullets be ordered for the different calibers as shown on page 21.

The Economy Kit and the Experimenter's Kit should be ordered by caliber diameter. Rifle and pistol caliber kits available are: .22, 6 mm (.243), .25 (.257), 6.5 mm (.264), .270 (.277), 7 mm (.284), 7.62 mm (.308), 8 mm (.323), .338, 9 mm (.355), 38/357 (.357), .375, 10 mm (.400), .44 (.429), .45 (.451) ACP, .45-70 Govt. (.457), .50 (.510) caliber.


The "Experimenter's" Kit, shown below, contains the same abrasives set, steel lapping plates, manual, and slugging bullets as the Economy Kit but also contains (100) cast lead bullets (lubricated but not impregnated with abrasive), 25 dead-soft, pure lead slugging bullets and 100 PVC "P-Wads" for a given caliber, and cleaning materials as listed below. This NECO Pressure (Fire) Lapping™ Kit, as well as the Economy Abrasives Kit, does require handloading and is available in most caliber diameters.

THE "ECONOMY ABRASIVES KIT" is a roll and load your own kit. The Kit consists of four (4) 1 oz. containers of Laboratory-grade Abrasives (220-, 400-, 800- & 1200-grit), steel lapping plates, 10 soft lead slugging bullets of the desired caliber and an Instruction Manual.

General Notes on NECO "ECONOMY ABRASIVES Kit" :

1.)This method is time-consuming but allows the handloader to tailor the lapping process to the individual conditions of each firearm;
2.) Depending upon usage, enough abrasive is supplied in each kit to lap 10-12 firearms. All one has to do is get the slugging bullets for additional calibers;
3.)All components are available separately;
4.)Most firearms are lapped with jacketed bullets with excellent success. Lead lapping bullets are recommended in revolvers.

A NECO .22 LR Rimfire Kit, that includes 40 rounds of pre-loaded, pre-embedded cartridges (400, 800, and 1200 grit; 220 grit is not recommended) and an instruction manual is available.

Note that 22 Rimfire Pressure (Fire) Lapping™ may also be easily accomplished with the "Economy Abrasives Kit". This is a very cost effective method if more than one firearm is to be lapped. This is especially true for the handloader who also wishes to lap centerfire firearms.

NECO Pre-embedded Bullet Kit. Jacketed Bullets only. NECO pre-embedded, copper-jacketed bullets (for center fire) are available separately. Consisting of fifty (50) color-coded, jacketed bullets that have been embedded with laboratory-grade abrasives by our patented process, they consider of 10-200 grit, 10-400 grit, 10-800 grit and 20-1200 grit bullets. These are ready to be handloaded.



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NORMA Bullets

NORMA manufactures a line of bullets. Most are hunting- type bullets that are not imported into North America at the present time. However, in Northern Europe, the 6.5 X 55 Swedish Mauser is usually the "designated" competition cartridge and NORMA supplies a great amount of this competition ammunition. For several years NORMA has manufactured a superb 6.5mm, 130 grain VLD competition bullet that is NECO-COATED™ (Moly coated/plated) under the "Diamond Line" label of bullets. NECO imports these bullets because of their excellent performance. We also carry the 130 grain "GOLDEN TARGET" bullet which is the uncoated version of the"DIAMOND LINE" bullet. The published Ballistic Coefficient of these bullets is .548



NECO manufactures very precise, hand-cut, plastic "P-Wads" that, when seated directly beneath a plain-base cast lead or lead alloy bullet, act as a gas seal to minimize or prevent gas cutting on such cast lead bullets.

Target competition has shown NECO PVC "P-Wads" to be extremely effective. They increase accuracy and decrease metal-fouling (leading) in both rifles and pistols.

All "P-Wads" are double color-coded so that when properly inserted into the cartridge case the red side will be showing and the black side will be against the powder. "P-Wad" sheet material (0.060 inch thick PVC, double color-coded) is available at $ 3.50/square foot.

A wad insertion tool is recommended for use on rifle cartridge cases, especially if loading a large volume. P-Wads are available in: .22/5.56mm, .243/6mm,.25(.257),.264/6.5mm, .270(.277), .284/7mm, .308/7.62mm, .311, .32-40, .338, .375, .38/.357, .40/10mm, .40-65/.407, .41(.410), .44(.429), .45acp, .45-70 Gov't.(.457), .50, .54.