Lubricants and Cleaning Products
TSI-301 is one of those products that once you use it, you will wonder how you got along without it! It is a synthetic thin film, invisible, high viscosity lubricant that is without competition. TSI-301 is water displacing, non-static compound that works well in a wide range of temperatures. It maintains its qualities from -60F to +450F. From the rain of Alaska to the dust of Zimbabwe, TSI-301 will faithfully protect your firearms and other gear from the ravages of a harsh environment. TSI-301 protects, lubricates and preserves. It is harmless to fine finishes on metal wood and leather. Try a can today. Nothing works as well as TSI-301. It is available in 3, 6 and 11 ounce spray cans as well as 16 ounce bulk cans.

MOLY-SLIDE is a propriatery NECO product. It has many uses in firearms. You will be pleased by the effect that it has on trigger pull, locking lugs and slides. It is the perfect burnishing material for rifle and pistol bores that shoot Moly coated bullets. A little MOLY-SLIDE goes a long way. MOLY-SLIDE has the highest percentage of MoS2(Moly disulfide) of all the so-called moly greases out there. MOLY-SLIDE contains no graphite.

On trigger sears, MOLY-SLIDE makes the pull smooth with a crisp let-off. Locking lugs and slides move more smoothly. Burnish MOLY-SLIDE into the bore by putting a little on a tight fitting patch. Work the patch back and forth throughout the length of the bore with short quick strokes folloed by a couple of full length strokes. When complete, run one or two dry patches through the bore. This is the best way to start your moly bullet shooting sessions. Reduces the need for fouling shots.

KROIL is the oil that "creeps". It does! KROIL manages to crawl under anything. Anything include metal fouling in a gun barrel. KROIL works well all by itself or even better when mixed with your favorite bore cleaner. I mix 3 parts cleaner to 1 part KROIL. Swab the bore with the mixture and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Wrap a patch around an under- sized brush. e.g., use a .270 brush in a .284 bore. Make it a tight fit. Push through and examine the patch. You will be amazed at what this brew will lift out. You may even see long threads of copper. KROIL is the best loosener of rusty, seized metal parts.
J-B BORE PASTE is one of those products that has been around for many years. It stays around because it works so well. About as abrasive as tooth paste, this compound is a patented mixture of metallic oxides that will not imbed in the metal of the bore. Should bepart of any bore cleaning regimen.
IOSSO BORE CLEANER works in the same manner as J-B. Very effective and reliable. Comes in a tube instead of a jar. Best quality-like all IOSSO products.
IOSSO CASE CLEANER dor cleaning cartridge cases prior to reloading. Kit comes with a nylon mesh bag, bucket and a quart of cleaner. It can be re-used over and over. When it is expended, order refills. Simplest way to clean. Works great on bullets to prepare them for Moly coating