From time to time we discover firearms related items that could be useful to our customers. We recently came upon a great find that could be a valuable tool for the serious collector or student of the architecture and development of American made firearms of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. It is a 5 volume set of books filled with information and color photos of the firearms and accessories made by the gunmakers of New York State. Decades of research went into this set of books. The set is hard-bound and high quality. Each volume has over 500 pages of information and photos. Until now the set has only been available from major bookseller scosting $415 to $582 depending on the seller (check the price). Because we have been able to negotiate a deal with an investor in the publishing effort, we can pass substantial savings on to our customers. There are limited quantities remaining so act fast. Our priceis a bargain!

The set .............$365.00 plus S&H