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QuickDESIGN Computer Aided Cartridge Design Program - Product Image
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QuickDESIGN Computer Aided Cartridge Design Program

QuickDESIGN computer aided cartridge design software, that is VISTA compatible, is quick and accurate way to create wildcat cartridges from "scratch" or from the huge database in the program. Print out professional, precise drawings in SAAMI or CIP specifications. Take your drawing to a reamer manufacturer and you are ready to go! The information developed in QuickDESIGN can be imported by QuickLOAD so that the user can analyze the design in terms of chamber pressure and velocity. Data sheets are formatted to SAAMI or CIP specs. Drawings can be printed as wire-frame, outline, outline with interior shown, with and without chamber, solid model in colors determined by the user. Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows, Windows 8 or Windows 10 required NOTE: EU customers should contact Hartmut Broemel to order the upgrade. Hartmut Broemel Neubruecker Weg 15 D-64832 Babenhausen Germany fax: 49 6073 688 481
Price:   $152.95 


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