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$ 99/bag 50 count Unprimed, factory new cartridge brass


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338 Lapua Magnum Brass – high-quality ADG-manufactured brass 338 caliber,
standard finish.

Manufacturer notes: With the optimized material geometry, our brass will generally have a different case volume than most other manufacturer’s brass and therefore will require a different charge weight to achieve the same pressures and velocities.  We recommend using a reputable load data source and working up from their recommended minimum starting loads.

We recommend reducing any existing charge weights by 10% and re-developing your specific load when replacing any component in a load recipe with a new component (brass, projectile, primer, or
powder type).  Failure to reduce charge weights established using other manufacturers brass may result in higher pressures and velocities.

Precision Tools for Shooting Accuracy


Also referred to as “The Case Gauge,” this item is designed to measure:

1) The curved “banana” shape of the cartridge case;
2) The relative wall thickness variation of a cartridge case;
3) The cartridge case head out-of-squareness;
4) Individual Bullets – out-of-round “egg shape” and/or
curved “banana” shape (excepting very small bullets);
5) The seated bullet and cartridge runout of loaded rounds. The accuracy of any firearm is determined — and limited — by the quality of the ammunition shot in it. The effect of imperfections in ammunition is cumulative; 

QuickLoad Ballistic Prediction Software


QuickDESIGN, The computer aided cartridge design program is the latest revolutionary creation from Hartmut Broemel. Design cartridges by modifying cartridges in the QuickDESIGN database or design a cartridge from scratch. Print drawingsin SAAMI or in CIP format.

Many drawing options:

Create your own scale.

Compare cartridge to chamber to see if barrel needs to be reset for a different cartridge of the same caliber.   …