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NECO has been the pioneer and innovator in lapping thebore of firearms by means of firing imbedded bullets. This method of bore lapping is not really new. It was known to artillerymen of old. We have made the process predictable,scientific and effective. We use laboratory grade abrasives of the highest quality and consistency. There is no coarse grit abrasive polluting the fine grit. This pollution is definitely a problem with commercially availabe lapping mixtures. We certainly don't advocate the use of valve grinding and lapping pastes! The abrasives we use are easily imbedded in bullet jacket material and lead bullets. They do not imbed in the steel of a barrel. The use of our kits in their various forms and options will give satifying results if the instructions are followed. We have sold thousands of these kits to satisfied customers.


The ECONOMY ABRASIVES KIT consists of the
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Four Abrasives Kit

Great way to firelap your muzzle loader.
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 Price: $52.95
Individual jars of abrasive paste - Product Image

Individual jars of abrasive paste

you can purchase the jars of abrasives ind
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Soft Lead Slugging Bullets, bag of 10 - Product Image

Soft Lead Slugging Bullets, bag of 10

The very best way to check the bore for co
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