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Q: I don’t have a disk drive; can i just download QuickLOAD?

A: Because QuickLOAD is developed and published in Germany, it is subject to German law. The German Government has determined that this software program falls under ITAR restrictions. Therefore, it is only available in physical form, no downloads. If someone tells you otherwise, it is NOT QuickLOAD.

Q: I have a MAC – will QuickLOAD work on a MAC?

A: If you use an emulator or a program to allow Windows programs to run on  MAC i.e. “Parallels” , “Virtual PC”, “Crossover” ,”WineBottler” or other program it may work. NOTE- MAY work, it also may not. Some MACs may already have an emulator as part of the software package- look and see. Do some research, ask us (qload.rjd@gmail.com). We may have an answer as things are always changing.
There are no guarantees that QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET will run with any emulator or conversion software as there is zero support for doing such – you do so at your own risk.

Q: I have a computer in the den and a laptop in the shed – do I need to buy two whole separate programs?

A: As long as these are for personal home use, it is possible to install QuickLOAD onto your own register devices. However, it cannot be shared on a network or among multiple users.

Q: I haven’t updated my QuickLOAD – how can I update to the latest version?

A: As long as your program is running on your current operation system, all you need to order is the “QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET DATA Update”. Your version number will always remain the same, but your data will be brought up to date as of the day you purchased. NECO never sells out of date products and the developer updates the data twice a year – usually right after the SHOT Show.

Q: If I order the QuickLOAD program, do I need to order the update as well?

A: No – we NEVER carry older products – everything sold is the latest and greatest version.

Q: When will you be adding the new ‘varmint blaster XXL SUPERevolution CFE’ powder?

A: Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the different powder manufacturers and more than not, they don’t even have the precise measurements needed for the system developer’s specifications. Our massive powder database is always growing and we endeavor actively to have all the latest products that hit the market.

Q: I have .223 necked down to a .0076 wildcat need boomer – is that in there?

A: If there is a round that you have that is NOT in the database – YOU CAN ADD IT IN. As long as you read the manual and have good measurements, play around with cartridge dimensions all you like. The program is completely user-editable.

Q: I have version 3.6 and I see there is a 3.9. How can I upgrade to 3.9? What am I missing out on?

A: Nothing! Pay no mind to version numbers – they are for the programmer to worry about when Mr. Gates tweaks a Windows operating system. Again. As long as your program is running on your computer, all you will ever potentially need is a DATA UPDATE to bring your cartridge and powder data base up to current date. YOUR VERSION NUMBER WILL NEVER CHANGE.

Q: Versions 3.0 through 3.5

A: These will NOT run under Vista, Win 7,8 and 10 . Do not even try to load it is only going to cause issues later. A special upgrade disc will need be purchased. ( see software-https://www.neconos.com/category/Software-2 ). To install- load the new disc. Follow the info included Once installed, the software and all the data will be the most current version at the date of upgrade purchase. Your new upgraded version will work with Windows XP, VISTA, 7,8 and 10. Note: Win 10 requires slightly different install see the included install info!

Q: My computer crashed!! What can I do?

A: If you have the original install disk (the one with your unique serial number), simply re-install. If you don’t have your original disk – don’t fret! Since you are a loyal customer, rather than forcing you to purchase a whole new program, we offer you to purchase a “LOST/BROKEN DISK REPLACEMENT” for only $55 + shipping. There is a catch, however – we will need your original serial number in order to forward your information to the program author in Germany. He will then create a brand new program with your serial number and registration information. The downside is that this can take about 3 weeks (depending on what mood US Customs decides they are in that day), but the result will be a brand new, up-to-date program remade for you at a SUBSTANTIAL discount.

Q: I’m trying to install on Windows 10 and I get an error message! What gives?

A: Easy fix! You have actually installed your program, but new Win10 systems doesn’t allow for desktop icons to be installed, which is the last step in QuickLOAD’s install process. If you have already tried and clicked out of the error warning, you just uninstalled the program. So – first make sure you remove any QuickLOAD files that may have not been uninstalled automatically by Windows. You can do this by performing a ‘search’ on your system for terms like “QuickLOAD” or “QL” and make sure to un-install those. Next, pop your install disk back in and let it do its thing. Once you get that ERROR message, STOP! DO NOT CLICK IT! Instead, on your keyboard, hold down “Ctrl+alt+delete’ to bring up your task manager. Find the QuickLOAD install task and highlight it and click “END TASK”. Boom – your program is installed. You will just have to do a search for the program itself and from there it is up to you what you want to do with it.

Q; I have had QuickLOAD for a while and just got a new computer. What can I do?

A: If you have the install disk, give it a shot. Usually it will still work. If not, we offer what is called a “Windows 7/8/10/VISTA UPGRADE/UPDATE”. This is a brand new program for the low price of $55.00 plus s/h.  BUT – same catch as the lost-disk-process. We will need your original serial number in order to forward the information to the program author in Germany. He will then create a brand new program with your serial number and registration information. Again – this can take about 3 weeks of international shipping red tape. It will be worth the wait, though, as you will have a new up-to-date program at a DISCOUNTED price.

Q: Do you know if you will ever carry those Norma 6.5 bullets again?

A: Unfortunately, we are no longer able to carry Norma products.

Q: I want to place an order for MolySlide, but I don’t trust on-line shopping carts. Can I just call and send you a personal check like the good ole’ days?

A: The safest process of ordering is through our SECURE and encrypted website shopping cart. Far safer than sending a piece of paper containing your name, address full bank and routing number and example of your signature through the postal system.

Q: I’m having some serious technical issues not addressed above – what can I do?

A. For technical issues that are not addressed above OR in the QuickLOAD user manual (we trust you’ve read it), email us at sales@neconos.com and we’ll forward to the system developer. Also, check out the YouTube videos.

Q: I called your 800 number and got voice-mail. Are there no humans in your office?

A: Our work schedules are crazy – often we fill orders at night and work, recreate or sleep all day. Our chief tech support is a brilliant computer wiz who knows ballistics, the software, computers AND shoots like crazy and will respond by email or phone.  If no answer right away, LEAVE a detailed message and Renee will follow-up.  The system developer can also help, but is 12 hours away from most customers and phone connections are often nightmarish, so emails are the best way to get answers. It might take a day, but we’ll give it every effort.  OR call our warehouse at 218-722-3113 to reach a friendly and helpful human during daytime hours.