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“The software is amazing. It not only has saved components, but quite literally, probably a life or two. I purchased the program mainly for developing a load for a .408 Cheytac. Not a single load manual has data for the .408. An internet search turned up a few loads that sounded good, but when they were put into Quickload (this is after I “tuned” the program for the powder that was used) they would have more than likely blown the rifle up!! Proceeding slowly using Quickload as a guide, it was evident from serious pressure signs on the brass, that QuickLoad was correct and the internet is full of mis-information.

Thank you again for a great program.”

   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – I bet the answer to your query is in here………

So you want to run Win11 computer?
A: In In Sept (2022) I bought a new Windows 11 home S mode (21H2) ,Dell laptop, 3511, Intel I5, an inexpensive laptop to test for issues. So first, set language to US English and keyboard to US , second for me was Canada French, International Keyboard (something I need, so skip second two items for most of you folks), registered as local account (I did not desire a M$ account and there is a way to avoid such), removed McAfee, set developer mode, removed S mode ( Microsoft Store only for software), unfortunately I had to get a M$ account to remove this, so I used an email I seldom use. Now logged in as administrator, I used the inexpensive USB CD drive (yes you need one). I did not even turn off Defender! Using the USB CD drive- Installed QL/QT Please note!! IMPORTANT- Do not install icons. Results–NO issues on QL install. way too easy…Well my luck- no issues, just like on Win10…on a native Windows OS no problems…..I will say in Win11 -you have to dig to find things and lots of snooping by big brother. I was hoping for issues, but there were none; this makes it really hard to troubleshoot without a problem. So, I now know for certain it runs just fine on a native Win 11 machine which is all we state. If you add other stuff, the results are not guaranteed. Native machine means no third-party AntiVirus or other software. BTW, MS Defender, which comes with Win 10 and 11 does a pretty good job these days – years ago was a different story  The QL/QT software is still only available by CD, No downloads. Go get an inexpensive USB CD Drive you will need it.

*** To Bypass MS Win 11 account- #1 during install do not have internet connection, when get to connect to network Shift F10 (command prompt) enter oobe\bypassnro you will reboot and start over but with a skip for this and allow local account. #2 method network shift F10 tskmgr, more details, find network connection flow end task, close. #3 if attached to network Shift f10, ipconfig /release ( this disables network) close , then back button. #4 enter just your first name then pw 1234 …works….

Q: You never answered my email –
A: Most likely we tried more than once and it bounced as undeliverable (seems most common when Outlook is involved). Make sure your email address is valid and readable. We do our best to respond to all inquiries. If you do not hear in 3 days please try again, do verify your address is good. Also check your spam box and read the subject line(s). Our technical support geek uses a Gmail account.

Q: Do I get tracking info on my purchase?
A: Yes that is the only reason for your valid email address. Check your spam box as needed. We NEVER send solicitations or share your email with ANYONE. No email address = no tracking! Tracking comes from the USPS when they scan the label, not NECO.

Q: I don’t have a disk drive; can I just download QuickLOAD or the Data Updates?
A: Finally the QuickLOAD updates are now available as a download however, due to the fact that QuickLOAD (as well as the other software) is developed and published in Germany makes it subject to German law. The German Government has determined that this software program falls under such ITAR restrictions. Therefore, at this time it is only available in physical form. If someone tells you otherwise, it is NOT QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET. To install, you will need to purchase an external (USB) DVD/CD drive.

Q: I have a MAC – will QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET work on a MAC?
A: If you use an emulator or a program to allow Windows programs to run on MAC i.e. “Parallels”, “Virtual PC”, “Crossover”, “WineBottler” or other program it may work. NOTE- MAY work, it also may not. Some MACs may already have an emulator as part of the software package- look and see. Do some research, ask us ( qload.rjd at gmail dot com). We may have an answer as things are always changing. There are no guarantees that QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET will run with any emulator or conversion software as there is zero support for doing such – you do so at your own risk.

Q: I have a Linux system. Can I use QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET with this system?
A: Currently Linux Mint 19.3 with wine and tricks it has been running flawlessly. So short answer is most likely. You still need a cd/dvd drive for install of program.

Q: I have a computer in the den and a laptop in the shed – do I need to buy two whole separate programs?
A: No-As long as these are for personal home use. It is possible to install QuickLOAD onto your own personal registered devices. However, it cannot be shared on a network or among multiple users.

Q: If I order the QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET program, do I need to order the update as well?
A: No –All software is shipped with the most current data at the time of purchase.

Q: I have never updated QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET from my original purchase. Should  update the data?
A: Absolutely, if you would like the latest powder/cartridge/bullet files. Depending on how long it has been you may be astounded by the increase of data available. Generally, once a year is sufficient unless you must be on the bleeding edge of data. You will need to keep track of when your last data update occurred. The program does not display such information. Choose data update at the link below:

Q: I haven’t updated my QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET – how can I update to the latest version?
A: As long as your program is running on your current system, all you need to order is the “QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET DATA UPDATE”. Your version number and serial number will always remain the same. The data will be brought up to date as of the day you purchased said update. You will need to keep track of when your last data update occurred. The program does not display such information. Do note that NECO never sells out-of-date products and the developer updates the data numerous times throughout the year.

Q: When will you be adding the new ‘varmint blaster XXL SUPERevolution CFE’ powder?
A: Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the different powder manufacturers and more than not, they may not have the data themselves and are unable to provide for use in the database. The powder may also be subject to some proprietary in-house formula and they have decided not to release the data. If we do not have the data, it is not included. When and If the manufacturer releases the data, we will add it ASAP for use in the next DataUpdate release. Nothing we can do except wait. Our massive powder database is always growing and we endeavor actively to have all the latest products that hit the market. You may also contact us to see if it has been added.

Q: What does the *C and *T mean after the powders?
A: *C = Copper de-fouling agent is added in the powder *T= the powder is temperature stable (LTC Propellant)

Q: I have designed a special cartridge case and matching projectile. Does the program allow changes and addition?
A: If there is a case or projectile that you have that is NOT in the database – YOU have the ability to ADD them. As long as you read the manual and have good measurements, play around with cartridge dimensions all you like. Same applies to projectiles. The program allows you to edit nearly all facets and dimensions. Still having problems…email us.

Q: I have version 3.6, 3.7 or 3.8 and I see there is a 3.9. How can I upgrade to 3.9? What am I missing out on?
A: Absolutely Nothing! Pay no mind to version numbers – they have to do with the operating system and compatibility issues with the Windows operating system. As long as your program is running on your computer, all you will ever potentially need is a DATA UPDATE to bring your cartridge, bullets and powder data base up to current date. YOUR VERSION NUMBER WILL NEVER CHANGE.

Q: Versions 3.0 through 3.5
A: These are no longer supported due to the huge volume of data that has been amassed and cannot access the data. Note: These early versions will NOT run under Vista, 2000, Win 7,8 and 10. Do not even try as it will only cause issues later. A special UPGRADE disc will need be purchased. For more info see:
https://www.neconos.com/item/QuickLOADQuickTARGET-Program-UPGRADE-for-versions- 3.0-through-3.5-SPECIAL-ORDER-4 .

Q: My computer crashed!! What can I do?
A: If you have the original install disk (the one with your unique serial number), simply re-install. If you don’t have your original disk – don’t fret! Since you are a loyal customer, rather than forcing you to purchase a whole new program, we will offer you the ability to purchase a “REPLACEMENT DISK” There is a catch; we will need your original serial number. That information is sent to the program author in Germany. He will then create a brand-new program with your serial number and registration information. The downside is that this can take about 30 days (depending on what mood US and International Customs decides they are in that day and do not forget holiday issues too!). The result will be a brand new, up-to-date program remade for you at a SUBSTANTIAL discount. Additionally, it will include the most current data. Contact us for details.

Q: I’m trying to install on Windows 10 and I get an error message! What gives?

A: Sometimes an Easy fix depending on your actions! You may have actually installed your program, but new Win10 systems doesn’t allow for desktop icons to be installed, which is the last step in QuickLOAD’s install process. If you have already tried and clicked out of the error warning, you just uninstalled the program. So – first make sure you remove ALL remaining QuickLOAD files that may have not been uninstalled automatically by Windows. You can do this by performing a ‘search’ on your system for terms like “QuickLOAD” or “QL” and make sure to un-install those. Reboot, follow the directions for install – put your install disk back in
and let it do its thing. Once you get that ERROR message, STOP! DO NOT CLICK IT! Instead, on your keyboard, hold down “Ctrl+alt+delete’ to bring up your task manager. Find the QuickLOAD install task and highlight it and click “END TASK”. Boom – your program is installed. To Install the icons make a link to the .exe files generally located on C drive under Program Files (x86)\QuickLOAD. The manual is also there it is a .pdf

Q: On a fresh install of QuickLOAD – do I have to install all previous updates to bring my system current?
A: No the data updates are cumulative, only the last one (you have) need be installed. If it has been a long time then I suggest getting a data update. See data update here: https://www.neconos.com/category/Software-2

Q: I have had QuickLOAD for a while and just got a new computer. What can I do?
A: If you have the install disk, and it is a compatible Version give it a shot. Usually, it will still work. If not, see above FAQ: Versions 3.0 to 3.5 to obtain an UPGRADE.

Q: Do you know if you will ever carry those Norma 6.5 bullets again?
A: Unfortunately, we no longer carry Norma products.

Q: I want to place an order for MolySlide, but I don’t trust on-line shopping carts. Can I just call and send you a personal check like the good ole’ days?
A: The safest process of ordering is through our SECURE and encrypted website shopping cart. Far safer than sending a piece of paper containing your name, address full bank and routing number and example of your signature through the postal system.

Q: I’m having some serious technical issues not addressed above – what can I do?
A. For technical issues that are not addressed above OR in the QuickLOAD user manual (we trust you’ve read it), email us at mailto:sales@neconos.com or mailto:info@neconos.com and we’ll forward to Renee who should be able to help. It will be a Gmail address. You may also check out the YouTube videos by other people.

Q: I called your number and got voice-mail. Are there no humans in your office?
A: Our work schedules are crazy – often we fill orders at night and work. Family issues occasionally cause issues. Do note we like a day or two off each week as well. Our chief tech support is a brilliant computer wiz who knows ballistics, the software, computers AND shoots like crazy and will respond by email. If no answer right away, LEAVE a detailed message and Renee will follow-up. The system developer can also help, but is 12 hours away (oh do you  speak German?) and from what most customers have said, phone connections are often nightmarish, so emails are the best way to get answers. It might take a day, but we’ll give it every effort. You may call our warehouse at 218-722-3113 to reach a friendly and helpful  human during daytime hours who will direct you to Renee via email for assistance.