QuickLoad Ballistic Software

Windows 10 Installation Instructions:

When you want install older versions of QL as there is QL V.3.6 or V.3.8 under Windows 10 the install program will produce an error at the end just before finishing the installation and after installing the pdf-manuals. Solution:

Do not react on error screen by pressing “try again” or “Cancel” button! Instead invoke task manager (Hotkey=Ctrl-Alt-Del) and terminate Quickload setup process.

Everything you need is installed properly on your computer. You’ll find QuickLoad, QuickTarget, QuickTarget Unlimited in Start menu under “all apps”.

You may attach them manually to “Start” area. (right click on program icon and select “fix it to Start”) This is because Win10 does no longer allow Desktop icons programmatically installed. Therefore the installer has to be altered. QL v3.6 allows the user to select “Install desktop icons and entries in Start menu” Because of Win8 (no longer Start menu) it was altered to force desktop icons for QL 3.8. QL v.3.9 has now Start menu entries but no desktop icons (the user cannot select desktop icons, they were switched off when installer detects Win10. Furthermore the de-install Icon is not installed in Start menu. De-install is available by right click on Start button and select: “programs and features” you will find a Quickload entry for de-installing.

The newest version of QuickLOAD is now available. It is Version 3.9. No need to upgrade to 3.9. It only corrects the need to go through the above procedures to install on Windows 10. No new data on 3.9.



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