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QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET version 3.9 is supplied with a comprehensive “USER FRIENDLY” MANUAL included on the QuickLOAD CD-ROM disk.

$152.95 plus S&H

New CD-ROM version 3.9 requires Windows XP, Vista, W-7, W-8 or W-10. You can import information from the QuickDESIGN program into for QuickLOAD for ballistic analysis-exterior and interior! NEW FEATURE!! Schematic and/or photos of most cartridges in library are available at the click of a button. Scaled photos of the selected propellants.

More than 1200 cartridges
More than 250 powders
More than 2500 bullets
Abundance of Useful Outputs
Customize cartridge selection for your firearms
Dimensioned drawings and photos of many cartridges at the click of a button
Interfaces with the PVM-21 and PVM-08 Chronograph
QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET $152.95
Fast, accurate and easy!

.22-250 Remington drawing and photo from the QuickLOAD Library

How QuickLOAD will appear on your monitor.