QuickDESIGN, The computer aided cartridge design program is the latest revolutionary creation from Hartmut Broemel. Design cartridges by modifying cartridges in the QuickDESIGN database or design a cartridge from scratch. Print drawingsin SAAMI or in CIP format.

Many drawing options:

Create your own scale.

Compare cartridge to chamber to see if barrel needs to be reset for a different cartridge of the same caliber.

On-screen 1:1 scaling for comparison to actual cartridges.

Draws wire-frame, outline, outline with interior walls, solid model drawings and interference points with chamber.

Drawing can be rotated and translated about X, Y and Z axes.

Print out data sheets in SAAMI or CIP format standards.

Import generated data into QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET for interior/exterior ballistic analysis.

Many more unique features.


QuickDESIGN……………….$ 155.95+S &H

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Click on the below drawing to view an enlarged and detailed drawing of the cartridge.