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Our own Molybdenum Disulfide based lubricant. The formulation is patented and utilizes ultra-fine moly in a petroleum base. It is an excellent lube for pivot pins, sears, slides and locking lugs. It is the lubricant used by BUSHMASTER FIREARMS. It is used in assembly and recommended by them for use in their products. It is the recommended product for "seasoning" barrels when moly plated bullets are used. Fouling shots are usually not necessary if MOLY-SLIDE is used to season the bore. A small amount is placed on a tight fitting patch which is then moved back and forth several times rapidly the full length of the bore prior to shooting. Follow this "burnishing patch with a couple of dry patches to clear the barrel.   WILL SHIP IN SMALL FLAT RATE BOX FOR $10.50   (ignore the erratic shopping cart calculator!)  Sorry - USPS has raised their rates again - we've not raised our prices.
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