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Soft Lead Slugging Bullets, bag of 10 - Product Image
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Soft Lead Slugging Bullets, bag of 10

The very best way to check the bore for constrictions, loose spots and rough spots is to "feel' the bore. The best way to "feel" the bore is to manually push a slug through the bore. As you push the slug through a well greased bore, you can note where the aberrations occur and mark them on your pushing rod or dowel. As you change grits in the fire lapping process, slug the bore. You will feel the improvement brought about by the firelapping process. Our pure lead slugging bullets are sold in bags of 10 except the .510 bullets. They are sold individually.   Shipped USPS small flat rate box  (yes, they've raised their rates again) - $10.50.  (ignore erratic web-site shopping cart calculator)
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